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Background Planning

Announcement of Exercise:

April Planning Meeting in Novorossiysk:

Announcement of Novorossiysk Location:

Selected Western Articles

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Raevskaya, Krasnodar Krai

Entry Logistics



  • 18 JUN: Serbians arrived with 50 servicemen; accommodated by VDV recon battalion (Russian MOD)
  • 21 JUN: Russians give Serbians a tour of Novorossiysk (Russian MOD)

Tactical Details


  • 17 JUN: Exercise under command of RUS VDV Deputy Commander for Peacekeeping Operations and KSOR (Collective Forces of Regional Operations, CSTO) (Russian MOD)

Course of Action:


  • 20 JUN: International Committee of the Red Cross (Russian MOD, RIA Novosti)
  • 26 JUN: Belarusian Commander of Special Operations Forces Major-General Vadim Dinsenko (Russian MOD)
  • 26 JUN: Serbian Chief of Staff of Special Brigade Colonel Sinisha Stashevich (Russian MOD)
  • 28 JUN: 42 defense attaches (RIA Novosti)

Photos and Propaganda

Exit Logistics

  • 01 JUL: Foreign participants departed: Belarusians by rail, Serbians by air (Russian MOD)